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Rainstick With Steel Balls and Acrylic Body

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August 22, 2019 3:13 p.m.

Enjoy the soothing sound of rain fall to help relax and de-stress

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My Story:

It was the end of the school year trip. We had one of these each year from grade 6 onwards. this was our last year before high school started so it was a multi-day field trip/retreat. No one was left out due to the cost of the trip because we had, in the previous months, been selling chocolate bars to raise money for the trip. We had all our gear and the entire class was packed away in a yellow school bus for a couple of hours while the bus driver drove the class to a wooded area. It was a common spot for businesses to have their corporate retreats and team-building exercises. We landed a spot because we had a large group and our school booked the trip well in advance. We arrived and got out of the bus and unloaded our gear. Some of the other students were already taking pictures. I thought it was a nice way to kick off the summer. I liked being out in the woods in the warm weather. We also wouldn't be roughing it as we would be staying in wood cabins with electricity and proper plumbing and there was a main building where chefs prepared 3 meals a day. There was also a lot of cereal in case anyone didn't like any of the prepared foods. We did a lot of fun activities on the water, near the woods, and in the woods. It rained a lot on some days and some of the water activities were cancelled, so we were told to hang out in our cabins. My bed was nearest the window and I could feel myself getting really relaxed while listening to the rain hit the cabin roof and tap on the window sill. It was a very fun time for everyone and we formed fond memories. I remembered low amounts of suffering. Sadly, some decades down the road, one of our friends from the cabin would pass away due to otherwise manageable health conditions. He was far too young.

How did this purchase improve my life?

Life has its ups and downs. Some days are worse than others. At times I like to relax and unwind as this helps me to deal with stress. The rainstick has improved my life by helping me to relax so that I can deal with the stresses of life more effectively. I think the most important thing for me when it comes to relaxing is to be able to separate myself from the things that cause stress. This may mean a physical separation from the workplace and a mental one as well. I can be away from the workplace physically, but still feel the stresses of work. I need to tell my mind to stop thinking about work because I was at home and I am free to relax and enjoy my free time. This is easier said than done. With the rainstick, I would use it and I find myself being lulled away by the simulated sound. Sometimes, I listen to it and I imagine that it is raining out, but I am safe inside, warm and dry. Nothing else seems to enter my mind except the thoughts of rainstorms. I might imagine being in a forest when it is raining or being in a cabin looking out to a rainstorm. Thoughts of work or other stresses and don't seem to bother me as I focus on the rainstick. Turning it over and watching the metal balls fall through the opening is somewhat therapeutic, if not, hypnotic. The world seems to shrink and disappear and nothing seems to matter except for the falling balls creating magical rain.

How do I use this item?

I usually have the rainstick in my room standing on a desk. It is prominent so that I don't miss it when I walk by. When I want to relax after a rough day or a regular day or if I just want to have some alone time to clear my mind, I would take the rainstick and sit down somewhere comfy and lean back and hold the rainstick up and let the balls fall down within the rainstick layer by layer. I can focus on the simulated rain sounds and try to imagine being in a tropical rainstorm or being in the woods during a rainstorm. Either way, I would not be where I was at the present time. I would be somewhere else, at least within my mind, many hundreds or thousands of miles from where I was. Anything that bothered me would fade away if only for a brief moment. Sometimes, I would just look at the metal balls falling through the layers of plastic between levels and landing at each level before falling again to a lower level. This can seem hypnotic, but the main effect may just be me focussing very deeply on something so that the rest of the world fades away, allowing me to shut my mind from the world without falling sleep so I can have a small respite. This can be relaxing and being able to completely shut off can be restorative.

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Final Thoughts:

There are various styles of rainsticks that have their own design philosophies. I owned another style when I was younger. It was a type of cactus that had its thorns pushed inward and there would be beads that would fall downward generating rain sounds when the beads hit the thorns. The sound was nice, but it wasn't as entertaining visually. I had also purchased a plastic children's toy version of the rain stick with plastic beads. It wasn't as nice to look at since the shape was not nearly as cylindrical and it was formed from two half cylinders. The beads were plastic and had a bit of tendency to stick to the walls. The sound was rain like, but when I did a side by side comparison, it turns out that the metal balls and acrylic rainstick actually sounded more like real rain. This rain stick in particular is very nice because it is see through and made from a single piece of acrylic so it is much more aesthetically pleasing compared with other rainsticks. The levels are separated by plastic disks that have holes in them to allow the balls to fall through. Not only does it generate rain sounds, but it has another dimension to it where you can see the things that are generating the rains sounds like watching rain hit the window sill in a wood cabin. The rain sounds are not 100% true to life which is to be expected, but it is still very good. The next best option is to go to a video site and play a recording of a rainstorm. I feel that despite not making as accurate rain sounds as a recording of a rain storm, the rain stick is much cooler because you have teh power to generate these sounds in your hand.


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