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Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors

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January 19, 2019 10:39 p.m.

A better way of cutting up yummy pizza

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I sat in the car freezing my butt off. I was 11 or 12 years old at the time and I sat in the car as I waited for my younger sister to finish her dance class. My mother had taken her into the dance studio and I didn't want to go in, so I waited in the car. It was the dead of winter and the car was turned off. The car sat in a parking area that was shared between the dance studio and a convenience store/gas station. Being a little kid, I wasn't really allowed to mess with the car even though I had a key. I knew how to start the car and how to turn on the heat. I didn't want to turn on the car to get the heat going because being a little kid, I was afraid of turning on the car without a responsible adult nearby. I ended up exiting the car, then locking it with my key and I walked into the convenience store. The store had a special on for pizza slices, it was only $1.00. I wasn't really hungry earlier, just cold, but I was hungry now. I asked the store clerk for a slice of pizza. He said, "Sure, give me a minute." He went to the back of the store where frozen items were kept. He opened up a box of mini pizzas, took one out and brought it back to the front counter. There was a small oven and he popped the pizza in. After around 10 minutes, the pizza was done. He took the pizza out and cut it in half. He placed half of the pizza in a waxed paper sleeve and handed it to me and I paid him for the pizza. I brought the pizza slice back to the car and ate it there. It was one of the tastiest pizza slices I had ever eaten in my life. The pizza was still hot since it just came out of the oven and the cheese was so ooey and gooey and the 'dough' part was like fresh perfectly baked bread.. It was a super tasty and really yummy pizza. I finished the slice and I could see that the store clerk had eaten the other half. I wanted more, but my sister's dance class was over. My mom and sister came out of the dance studio and my mom yelled at me for getting pizza sauce inside the car. It was worth it.

How did this purchase improve my life?

I would bake pizza at home in my convection oven. I would use a traditional rolling round-bladed pizza cutter and just cut the pizza on the baking sheet. Over time, this would damage the non-stick surface. Sometimes, I would transfer the pizza to a cutting board, but it was a little cumbersome and sometimes, I would burn myself a little bit because the pizza was so piping hot. Pizza was really tasty, but it was sometimes stressful. I had heard about pizza scissors, so I thought I would give them a try and bought a pair of the Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors. They are like night and day when compared with the round-bladed cutters. Someone took the rolling pizza cutter and thought, "There has to be a better way, " and they created the pizza scissors. It has made plating and eating pizza so much better and so much less stressful. I can cut the pizza perfectly and on pretty much any surface I wanted. With the round cutter, you had to push hard on the roller and apply even pressure throughout each cut, otherwise not all of your cuts would go through the entire pizza and you ended up having to tear off slices. You also couldn't cut the pizza on a plate or any delicate service while using the round cutters. With the pizza scissors, it was really easy and it always cut through each slice properly. Also, the pizza scissors can be used to grab pizza slices and plate them, so it's a 2-for-1 kinda deal. I really love my pizza scissors.

How do I use this item?

I normally buy thin crust spinach pizzas (pizza spinacci) or mushroom (pizza funghi) thin crust pizzas from frozen. Sometimes, I get rising crust pizzas from frozen as well. Whatever the pizza thickness, these pizza scissors have no problem cutting them. I would preheat the oven and while the oven was heating up, I would set a baking sheet on top of the stove and then I would pull out a sheet of parchment paper over the baking sheet. I would fold the edges of the parchment sheet to make a small border and this would keep the parchment sheet flat. Sometimes, the parchment sheet would be too large for the baking/cookie sheet, so I would use the pizza scissors almost like regular paper scissors to cut off the excess parchment sheet. I would place the pizza in the oven and bake it. Afterwards, I would cut up the pizza directly on the parchment sheet and baking sheet using the pizza scissors into 6 or 8 slices depending on how big the pizza was. I would also use the pizza scissors to pick up some slices and set them on a plate.

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Final Thoughts:

This is a really cool tool. I initially thought that it was kinda silly, but it has worked beautifully for me. For a brief moment, I thought that these pizza scissors were redundant in that I could just use a pair of kitchen shears to do the job, but it turns out that kitchen shears may snag the baking sheet or parchment sheet or whatever surface you are cutting on since the tips of those shears are sharp and are pointed somewhat downward during the cutting process. These pizza scissors have a nylon base that glides along the surface that is holding the pizza without scratching or damaging it. It is quite a nifty little invention. Something else that is neat with these pizza scissors is that they are locking. You can close them, and there is a little latch at the back of the handle that rotates and you use this to latch onto the other handle. This will hold the pizza scissors in a closed position so that they can be stored safely. These Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors can also come in handy if you are eating French Toast, pancakes, or waffles. They do a great job making precise cuts in French Toast, pancakes, or waffles into easy to eat shapes and sizes. They cut remarkably well and are very easy to use for those breakfast items. They also work on sausage rolls and hot dogs. You could use them to cut sandwiches too if you don't want to break out the cutting board.


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