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Google Mesh Wi-Fi System

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August 23, 2019 8:12 p.m.

Get Internet Access In Places That You Would Normally Get Weak Signals Home/Office

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My Story:

It was way past my bed time, but I had to stay awake. The house was freezing because the thermostat was set lower at night to save money on heating bills. I had to make an investment trade on my computer and it was time-dependent. I had a router that connected to my modem to give me internet access. The problem though, the internet connectivity kept cutting out and it was getting close to the time of the trade. I check the internet and a site like Twitter was loading slowly. Generally, sites like Twitter have very fast servers, so if I wasn't connecting to this site, it was a problem on my end. I was low on sleep and did not come to this realization. I failed to connect to make my trades on time. About 30 minutes later, I wrapped a blanket around me. I swear I could see my breath. I walked downstairs and reset the modem and the router. I then checked back with my computer and I got internet access again. I finally made my trade. I ended up have $1, 000 less profit due to initializing the trade 35 minutes later than I has set out to. Some weeks later, I was having some home repairs done. The contractor had finished his work and left. I was upstairs at this point and my girlfriend was screaming at me to come downstairs right away. There was a strange man at our door and he wasn't the contractor and he wasn't selling cookies. He was rattling my door trying to get in. He was snooping around my portico and looked around for a minute trying to find a spare key or something. I finally went outside and confronted him. He wore a baseball cap and had on a backpack and he had walked into the neighbourhood which was very unusual. Normally, everyone who came into the neighbourhood, drove. He apologized and said he was at the wrong house and he sauntered off quickly. At this point, I was supposed to be heading out to dinner. I cancelled my plans and instead, I stayed home and got out my ladder and drill and installed my Nest Wi-Fi security cameras. I connected the Wi-Fi cameras to my wireless network and then upgraded to a paid Nest subscription. Everything seemed fine at first and I restarted my router and everything was functioning perfectly. Eventually, the cameras kept cutting out and sometimes they would lose their connectivity just when someone came onto my property. I added a Wi-Fi range extender, which seemed to help somewhat, but it still didn't fix the problem. I would be out and use a smartphone to check on the house remotely and the cameras would still lose connection for several minutes and stop recording during that time. I finally figured out that the cameras were not to blame and the culprit was my router. Something had to be done about it.

How did this purchase improve my life?

The Google Mesh Wi-Fi system has caused a significant improvement in my life. I am able to get steady internet access from the second floor of my house. One of the other issues I was having was my network card that allowed internet access on my computer was of very low quality. In terms of the hardware and software, the network card would cause problems with my computer accessing the internet. It would not be able to find a connection and the hardware would fail. Sometimes, the software would just shut down and I would have to restart the program. With the Google Mesh system, even though my computer was one level of the house above the modem, I was still able to get very good speeds of over 200-300 Mbps. Previously, I was getting around 30-60 Mbps using the router. It was a gaming router from one of the leaders in routers manufacturing. Sometimes, my computer would lose the signal and there was still internet access from other devices. My wireless network card would stop working for no reason and it was a slight more expensive network card, so I thought it was higher quality and would not fail so often. I switched to Google Mesh and I connect my computer directly to one of the Google Mesh units which I will refer to as pods for simplicity. I connect directly to one of the pods with an ethernet patch cable to my ethernet card. Ever since then, I have never had any issues with not having internet access on my computer due to a faulty wireless network adapter. Also, I used to have one Nest camera that cut out more often than any other. It would lose connectivity around 30-40% of the time. I was considering returning the camera for a refund. I tried resetting the router a couple of times a day and then the camera would work again. Because I figured out the issue wasn't the camera hardware, but the router, I did not return the Nest camera. I replaced the router with 3 Google Mesh hubs and all of my Nest cameras stayed connected 99.99% of the time. The Google Mesh Wi-Fi system has been a real dream for me.

How do I use this item?

The basic set-up was fairly easy. It all starts with downloading the app on my phone. From there, I plugged in each pod starting with the one that I connected with an ethernet patch cable directly to the modem that I rent from my internet service provider. Afterwards, I set up a password for my network and waited for the pod to sync up. I gave added the password to each device that I connected to the internet (laptop, smartphone, tablet computer, etc.). My house is just under 4, 000 square feet and I bought the Google Mesh System with 3 pods. I have one nearby and connected directly with the modem via ethernet cable. I have a second pod also on the main floor plugged into a power outlet on the wall towards the center of the house. Upstairs, I have the third pod that is also plugged into the wall. This pod is directly connected to my desktop computer via an ethernet patch cable. I have several other laptops that connect to the network wirelessly and the signal strength has been strong for all of them. They all have excellent download and upload speeds.

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Final Thoughts:

The Google Mesh Wi-Fi System has been a real blessing to me. I was at the end of my rope when I bought a $250 gaming router and a Wi-Fi range extender to try and fix my network and internet connectivity issues. It didn't work and internet access from my devices kept cutting out. Also, I was worried about home security as my Wi-Fi cameras kept cutting out in the house. I was willing to pay top-dollar for any solution to enhance and maintain connectivity as this would correspond with increased home security. Switching to Google Mesh solved my home security issue beautifully and I was really glad that I made the switch even if it meant having to convert my router into a large paperweight. The range extender that I bought and had to shelf works as a cute paperweight. The Google Mesh system has a nice sleek look to it. Some people have them on top of furniture as it adds a nice touch to the decor with its nice white and smooth shape and blue light. It has a nice modern an futuristic look to it. My set-up is a little different because I bought a special mount with mine that allows me to mount the pods onto the AC adapter on the power outlet. It is not necessary, but I wanted to keep the pods off the ground and also not atop any furniture. Some of my furniture is a little cluttered, so I kept the pod hanging from the AC adapter. On my work desk, the surface is a little cluttered, so it helped to have the pod mounted on the AC adapter.


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