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Tervis Insulated Tumbler, 24oz

January 19, 2019 10:39 p.m.

Really sturdy insulated tumbler

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My Story:

My girlfriend was getting surgery. We got to the hospital just before 6 a.m. to check in. She didn't sleep at all the night before and neither did I due to stress and anxiety. This seemed to be a common theme as I had seen other family members of other patients sleeping on the couches and chairs in the main waiting room throughout the day. Although the surgery was successful, she would be recovering over several weeks. After surgery, she had an adverse reaction to the anaesthesia and we had to stay in hospital longer. I was stressed out the entire time and this was compounded due to my lack of sleep and the large amounts of coffee that I had consumed. Eventually, we were able to leave the hospital at around 4 p.m. She threw up on the way home. I brought her home and took her to bed where I watched over her while she rested. She was having trouble keeping down fluids or eating after surgery. She rested some more. I stayed awake and barely slept that night. She began eating and drinking again, little bits at a time. She didn't really want to eat anything except fruit and soup. I had bought a bunch of Tervis Insulated Tumblers days before. I bought a bunch of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. I washed them and cut up the strawberries and filled the Tervis Tumbler with them and gave them to my girlfriend and she ate the berries. I served her fruit and soup in a smaller Tervis cup for the next while which was what she requested.

How did this purchase improve my life?

These Tervis Insulated Tumblers are really sturdy. They are made of plastic, but they have a lifetime guarantee from Tervis. I wanted something really sturdy to hold my drinks that was free of melamine and free of BPA (bisphenol A). In the past, I had dropped glass and porcelain cups before and it was horrible as there would be bits of glass or porcelain everywhere. Even after cleaning up as thoroughly as possible, you won't really know if you have picked up all of the pieces. Also, I have a dog and he seems to get into everything. I was afraid that he would find pieces of glass or porcelain that I missed and eat them. Once, there was a bar of soap that I had dropped and he ate it before I could take it out of his mouth. Because the Tervis cups are made of plastic, I use them primarily for cold drinks. I would use porcelain for hot drinks. I also wanted a cup with a large volume, 24oz or 750mL was very useful to me as it meant I did not need to keep refilling my cup. I tend to drink a lot of liquids around dinner time, so this cup came in handy for that. As well, the cup is insulated, so it keeps cold drinks cold for longer, making the drink more enjoyable. With cold drinks, the outside of a regular cup can sweat due to the condensation of moisture. With insulated tumblers like this Tervis Insulated Tumbler, the outside is resistant to sweating because the cold surface of the tumbler is insulated and isolated from the atmosphere. It is great having a cup that keeps your drinks colder for longer, won't shatter if you drop it, and won't sweat if there is moisture in the atmosphere.

How do I use this item?

I wash the Tervis Insulated Tumblers in the dishwasher and I store them in my cabinet when not in use. I use them by filling them up with water and drinking with meals. Sometimes, I might fill them up with fruit juice. I mostly use the Tervis Insulated Tumbler at dinner where I like to drink a bit more water. I fill it to the top (24 oz or approximately 3 cups/750mL) and I end up drinking most of the water by the time I have finished dinner. If I had a smaller cup, I would have to refill the cup during dinner or take two cups with me. With the 24 oz tumbler, this was not required so it was a little more convenient.

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United States

Other Notes:

There are some travel lids that complement this tumbler. They are useful if you want to take your drink with you on the go whether you are walking or driving. Because the tumbler tapers a little at the base, it means that you can fit it in the cup holder of your car.


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