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Fisher X-750 Chrome-Plated Space Pen

January 19, 2019 10:39 p.m.

Amazing Pen That Writes Underwater, Upside Down, and in the Freezing Cold

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My Story:

I had finished university and started my own company. It was a service based business and part of the service involved meeting clients and transferring hard copy documents. It was sometimes easier if I had gone to the client's home or workplace to do the document transfer. It was always important to have a pen that worked. I remembered this from my days in undergrad while taking notes one time and my pen had stopped working in lecture. I kept extra pens in my book bag for this reason. When I went on to do medical research, I had always made sure I had a working pen and some back ups in case I had some important lab findings to write down or a new protocol to follow. In the back of my mind, if I were doing anything important, I should always have access to multiple pens. I thought that just having multiple pens on me was good enough, but it wasn't. It was the dead of winter and I had travelled on foot in the freezing cold to meet with a client. I brushed snow off the top of my head and off the shoulders of my coat and my hands got a little wet from the melting snow. For our meeting, I had to write some things down on paper and maybe take down a signature, so I reached into my bag to grab a pen. The pen did not work. I tried a trick an old friend had taught me which was to try to scribble furiously to generate enough friction to warm up the ink. That didn't work, so I grabbed another pen and that pen also did not work. Finally, I grabbed a different type of pen that I had and that worked, but not very well. I was a little embarrassed, but I got through the meeting. I did not realize that there were pens that actually functioned well after being out in the cold until I heard about the Fisher Space Pen.

How did this purchase improve my life?

I like to be prepared whenever I go out because I never know how my day will unfold. Whenever I head out, whether to a meeting or a function, the timing may change and sometimes, I may add an errand or two to my schedule. I feel a little more comfortable and I have a little more peace of mind when I am prepared. One thing I always like to do is have at least one pen on me when I head out. This Fisher X-750 Space Pen has improved my life because it always ensures that I have a reliable writing instrument on me no matter the conditions. I can be out walking about in the ultra-cold and I will still have a reliable pen on me. Sometimes, I have two or more pens on me, but I always like to have at least the Fisher X-750 Space Pen on me. I once went to the bank to fix an account and I had to sign my name to verify my identity. Some places still use carbon forms and it is important to have a pen to fill out forms and applications and to sign my name. Some business services still have hard copy applications that require a pen to fill out. It is handy to have a pen on me for endorsing checks or signing a guest book. I like to always have a pen on me that is reliable and will work when I need it to work. The Fisher X-750 Space Pen fits the bill. I am glad I have it and it has definitely improved my life.

How do I use this item?

I keep the pen with me whenever I go out. I leave it in the inside pocket of my jacket or coat. I use the clip to keep it clipped at the top of the pocket. I do this because the pen is somewhat small when closed and it can fall to the bottom of my pocket laying down horizontally. So when I go to reach for the pen, I don't have to dig in my pocket for it, I just reach for the pen clip at the pocket to grab it. Also, because it is chrome plated, I like to keep it away from things that might scratch the surface like keys or other sharp metallic objects. Whenever I need a pen, I will take the cap off and post the cap on the back of the pen and use the pen to write.

Country of Origin

United States

Final Thoughts:

It is a nice pen. The writing quality is good, but not as nice as a gel pen and the lines are not as nice as a fountain pen or a fineliner. Still, the most important part of this pen is that it is reliable and can write well when I need it to which is sometimes under harsh conditions. It is very useful for this because of the type of ink it uses and the pressurized nature of the refill. It is good for jotting down quick notes or filling out applications or signing my name on documents. If I were at home, I would use a gel pen or fineliner or fountain pen for longer writing sessions. I keep a space pen ballpoint pen with me for a reliable writing instrument. Fisher has different pen styles. The original Astronaut AG7 was the one that was taken to the moon. It is a clicky style pen that does not have a cap unlike the X-750 which does. I prefer the X-750 as an everyday carry pen since I sometimes wear a suit and I don't want to risk wrecking my suit in the event that the pen leaks. The cap can capture any ink that leaks. As well, when the pen is clipped to my pocket using the pen clip, the pen is pointed upwards as opposed to downwards in the AG7. Also, if you ever needed to lend someone your pen and you didn't want your pen walking away, you can hand over the writing part of the Fisher X-750 pen. Then hold the pen cap in your hand until the person hands the writing portion of the pen back to you. Still, I think the AG7 is worth getting because of its history and its click and unclick mechanism.


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