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Garmin Dash Cam 55, 1440p resolution

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January 19, 2019 10:36 p.m.

Peace of mind for driving

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My Story:

I saw a dash cam video that was posted on youtube. The dash cam driver was driving along the highway in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On this particular highway (Highway 401), the typical speed is around 100km/h or more (63mph), but slower during rush hour. The guy in front (scammer) decides to stop his vehicle on the highway. The dash cam owner was forced to stop his car as well. The scammer begins to back into the dash cam owner, then blames the dash cam owner for hitting him from behind. The scammer basically tells the dash cam owner to pay him $500 for the damages to his car. In 99% of the cases, the driver who hits another driver from behind is at fault. This video was very painful to watch. It was bad enough that the scammer was trying to scam the dash cam owner out of money, but he pretty much forced the victim to stop by the side of the highway which was extremely dangerous with cars zooming at near highway speeds. At the same time, the victim's insurance premiums could go up the following year due to the scammer if the accident were reported as an at fault collision. www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZJjDLnZ5ZA There were two other dash cam videos of collisions that caught my eye, but I was not able to find a link to them. There was one where a driver went through a green light in Southern Ontario and on the opposing side, there was a driver making a left turn in front of him. The left turner failed to yield and caused an accident. The dash cam owner thought he was at fault and immediately remarked, "Was it green?" to his wife. The police were called and the left turner lied and said it was the dash cam owner's fault. A couple of witnesses also claimed it was the dash cam owners fault. The dash cam owner did not show his footage to the police because he had asked the question of whether the light was green for him and this was recorded on the dash cam and he felt that this would become incriminating evidence against him. The dash cam owner ended up getting charged. The other video was also in Southern Ontario in Toronto where the dash cam owner was making a left turn and a driver in opposing traffic was making a right turn. At this particular intersection on Lake Shore Boulevard, the road onto which both drivers were turning was almost four lanes wide. The left turner turned into the left most lane, but the right turner made a really wide right turn moving to the left-most lane as well and hit the left turner. Normally, the left turner would be at fault, but the video showed that it was the right turner who had caused the accident. With the dash cam evidence, eventually the right turner's insurance company agreed that their side was at fault. Pretty soon, I decided I needed a dash cam because it was better to be safe than to be sorry.

How did this purchase improve my life?

Driving can sometimes be dangerous and scary. You just can't seem to get enough peace of mind when it comes to driving. Every little bit of extra peace of mind certainly helps and is worth its weight in gold. The Garmin Dash Cam 55 really helps when it comes to peace of mind. It helps protect the owner from scammers and dishonest drivers during accidents. This dash cam creates a greater sense of safety when I drive. The sense of safety is not physical safety, but legal safety. Just in case I get into a car accident, if I am not at fault, it may be possible that there may not be enough evidence to show that I was not at fault. Some eyewitnesses may also not be reliable or truthful, if they were present at all and the other driver may not tell the truth to the authorities or the insurance companies. I always feel better when I have a dash cam on board that is constantly recording. I would sooner walk or take public transit than to drive without the dash cam. This is how important the dash cam is to me. Unfortunately, there are a lot of careless drivers out there. Chances are if you get into a car accident with one of them that they would not acknowledge fault to the authorities or the insurance companies due to the financial costs associated with guilt during an accident. Your insurance premiums may go up as a result. It gives me peace of mind knowing that if I ever got into a car accident in which I was not at fault, the the chances of me being able to prove this go up substantially by utilizing a dash cam. Having a dash cam gives that extra bit of security and relief. It also helps to protect loved ones too who are using my car. It gives me peace of mind knowing I can add another dimension of safety to loved ones operating a vehicle. At the same time, I feel that I am driving more carefully and more courteously now that I have a camera. It is kinda like a feeling that I am also being watched as my driving is being recorded so the onus is on me to drive better and to be better. I am always on high alert for careless drivers and just because I have a dash cam, it doesn't mean that I won't do anything and everything in my power to prevent or mitigate an accident with another vehicle or a pedestrian. The dash cam may give a bit more peace of mind, but I am always alert and careful and am very thankful that I have it in the car.

How do I use this item?

I make sure I have the dash cam with me every time I have to drive my car anywhere. I attach the dash cam using a suction cup mount from Ram Mounts to the inside of my windshield and I have the dash cam plugged into the cigarette lighter of my car as a power source. As soon as I start the car, the dash cam starts recording. I have the dash cam at the center of my windshield, but closer to the roof of the car so that it does not obstruct my view too much. Also, I purchased a 64GB Class 10 microSD from Sandisk. I made sure to get a Class 10 memory card so it records video better especially at high-definition or higher resolution. With 64GB, this is enough to record close to 16 hours of video. However, the camera will record over older footage so that I don't have to worry about deleting old videos to prevent myself from running out of room on the memory card. I also have the camera set to the maximum 1440p resolution to catch as much detail as possible.

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Final Thoughts:

The camera comes with its own mount. It is a small mount that has an adhesive on the base which you have to mount to the windshield. The base remains on the windshield almost permanently. The stem attaches to the camera and the other end attaches to the base via a powerful magnet. I didn't want a base attached to my windshield via a powerful adhesive, so I decided to purchase a third-party suction cup mount from Ram Mounts. I like the suction cup mount better since I can change the angle and position of the camera and I didn't have to risk damage to my windshield. Some people have a dash cam facing the rear as well, which I think is a really good idea. Collisions and accidents can happen around other parts of the car and the direction, shape, and type of damage to the other parts of the car are not enough evidence to indicate who is truly at fault. Having multiple cameras facing all parts of the car is a good idea, but not always practical and it can get expensive and cumbersome. At the very least, drivers should have at least one front-mounted dash cam.


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