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Metro ED500 DataVac Electric Blower Duster

August 04, 2019 3:49 a.m.

Great Cleaning Device for the computer, photography equipment and electronics

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My Story:

I was sleeping and was awoken by popping sounds. I got out of bed and walked over to the source of the noise. It was coming from my computer. Then I noticed smoke coming from the computer case. It wasn't a lot of smoke, but enough to cause some alarm. I was not sure what was causing this since I had powered down the computer before going to bed. I opened up the case to see if I could spot the problem, but there was nothing out of the ordinary. I tried to power on the computer, but it would not power on. Later, I asked my mom for a lift to the computer store as I did not have a car at the time and only taxis were available and the car gig economy did not exist at the time. The computer guy examined the computer and determined that the problem was most of the hardware had been destroyed due to dust and static electricity. The data was lost as the hard drive has been destroyed as well. I was told that pretty much everything needed to be replaced except for the case. I needed the computer for university so I had to get a replacement. I asked to borrow money from my mom, but she refused. I managed to pay for new computer parts by using a credit card.

How did this purchase improve my life?

I used to buy compressed air canisters and use those to clean off computer parts. They seemed somewhat effective at first, but I didn't like using them. I remember one time I needed to do a lot of cleaning so I bought about four canisters. I could swear that the cashier was looking me up and down and acting a little weird because of my purchase. The shop was in a somewhat sketchy part of the city and some of the other people buying the compressed air canisters would not be using them for cleaning computer parts. To give you an idea, there would be two guys fighting over who gets to take the next swig of mouthwash, out in public, in broad daylight, outside of the emergency department of a teaching hospital. The canisters would be okay in a pinch, but they can get pretty expensive if you have to keep using a new canister every few minutes because it ran out of gas. Even if a canister was full, I couldn't use it for extended periods of time because the can would get very cold and the pressure would drop. This got really annoying. The canister also came with a thin straw. The straw would sometimes fall off the spray nozzle or it would be blown off by the compressed air exiting the nozzle. The pressure was inadequate at times and I would get a lot of pressure from the canister at the beginning, but pressure would keep decreasing as I used the canister. The Metro DataVac electric duster is fantastic. It gives a nice strong and constant blowing pressure and it lasts for quite awhile. If I am doing a lot of cleaning, what normally would require two canisters of compressed air, would cost pennies in electricity of me using the DataVac alongside a vacuum cleaner. The DataVac saves money in the long run. The DataVac has been helpful in protecting my computer and photographic equipment. I don't feel guilty about cleaning as I don't have to spend money or buy more canisters or having to go to the store to buy more or order more online. the electric duster is always available and always ready, so it is convenient.

How do I use this item?

Dust is everywhere and it builds up on a ton of surfaces over time. It can build up over cameras, lenses, and even inside computers. I plug the DataVac into an electrical outlet and I have a vacuum nearby as well. The vacuum does not work well at getting a lot of the dust and dander off computer parts, so I use the DataVac to loosen them and kick them up and I grab the dust and dander with the vacuum cleaner. I do the same over keyboards as well. I have power bars that collect dust as well as ports on the computer so I use the DataVac duster on them also. I use the DataVac duster on my camera gear as well. for any of the stubborn dust, I use the blower to get rid of any dust. The blower is quite powerful and I can get rid of the stubborn dust. On my camera sensor and on the lens, I would use a rubber pump hand duster. On the UV filter that I have over the lens, I would use the DataVac blower, but at a bit of a distance to minimize the force on the filter.

Country of Origin

United States

Final Thoughts:

I am environmentally conscious and would rather use the DataVac blower over compressed air canisters. The canisters contribute to physical waste if they are thrown out. They would have to be trucked away and energy and resources would need to be consumed to recycle the canisters. The plastic straws would contribute to waste from single-use plastics. Further to this, the gas from the canister is probably not good for the ozone layer or might contribute to green house gases. I love having the Metro DataVac duster and love using it. It helps protect against damage to electronic parts and components. It also keeps surfaces clean and free of dust, fluff, and dander. I would consider it a must-have if you have a dog and/or a cat. There are three downsides to consider. The first is the upfront cost is higher. Canisters, when bought one at a time, can be cheap and are a great value when you buy a multi-pack. They are more expensive in the long run as you have to keep buying them since they are single use only. When using the compressed air canisters, they make a hissing spray sound. It is much quieter than the DataVac electric blower. The electric blower is quite loud when it is on. It sounds just like a vacuum cleaner. You should also have a vacuum cleaner ready as the DataVac is quite powerful and it can kick up quite a bit of dust. It is also useful on somewhat sensitive surfaces like computer screens/monitors and you can get into the nooks and crannies where you couldn't with a vacuum cleaner. Compressed air canisters will get cold after use. The DataVac duster will get warm after use and should be allowed to rest and cool down before continued use. This is a drawback. However, a compressed air canister will get cold and stop working long before the DataVac overheats. Despite this drawback, I feel the DataVac is the clear winner and it has served me well, keeping my computer safe and other electronics clean.


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