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About Us

Thank you for dropping by. Spiceplum is derived from pumpkin spice and sugar plum. For us, Spiceplum marks that time of year we love most that extends from the first appearance of the year of pumpkin spice foods and beverages until the first utterances of sugar plums from the poem: "A Visit from St. Nicholas"/"Twas the Night Before Christmas." It is a time when the last leaves of deciduous trees fall to the ground and the first of many snowflakes descend from the heavens. The days become shorter and the air becomes cold and dry. It is when we gather with family and friends more often than at other times during the year.

We may buy gifts for family and friends and others whom we love. We strive to buy items and books that may improve the lives of those receiving these gifts. Sometimes, we may need to crowdsource gift ideas to help us find the perfect gift for loved ones. This is where Spiceplum comes in. People can share on Spiceplum purchases of items or books that have improved their lives. Others may pick from these items or books as gifts to family and friends or as a self-gift. We may also be looking for ways to improve our own lives and sometimes that can be facilitated by buying and making use of an item or a book.