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Posting Policy

The following are the rules for code of conduct and what you post on this site. By signing up for an account on this site, you agree to all terms and conditions of the following Posting Policy. You must fully comply with all of the rules presented here or your Submission or comments will get rejected and deleted and you will be banned from this Site.

1. You must be civil, courteous, and respectful at all times to admins, editors, moderators, other users, members, and visitors of this site.

2. You may not post anything threatening, defamatory, controversial, obscene, disturbing, distasteful, sexual, lewd, vulgar, graphic, violent, offensive, libelous, sensational, exaggerated, false, or misleading.

3. You may not promote any harmful, dangerous, or illegal activity.

4. You may not post about video games, firearms, or weapons or anything related.

5. You may not fight with, harass, or attack other members or users of this website or anyone. You may not incite others to fight, harass, or attack anyone.

6. You may not post anything that is hateful, discriminatory, or prejudiced against a race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or any other group or anything discriminatory or biased in nature.

7. You may not post any materials or content that targets children aged 13 years of age or under.

8. You may not use profanity or offensive or derogatory language.

9. You may not post anything overly or solely promotional in nature. You may not post spam. You may not refer to or link back to a product, service, business activity, venture, blog, or website. An exception to this is that freelance writers may link to Youtube videos or Wikipedia articles in their articles if these links are deemed relevant and appropriate and not excessive or overly promotional by an editor or admin.

10. You may not post affiliate links.

11. You may not post links to Amazon books or non-book items or products anywhere on this site, except in areas where this is permitted once per article in the article submission area for approved freelance writers in good standing. You may not post links to any other site.

12. You may not post anything negative, critical, or disparaging about any person, persons, groups, entities, corporations, brands, businesses, or organizations.

12. You may not post flamebaiting or harassing posts.

13. You may not post anything that is too personal or personally identifying or too revealing about yourself or anyone else in any public areas of this site.

14. You may not post about politics, religion, or worldviews and belief systems or anything critical of others or their belief systems or lifestyle choices.

15. You must post your own unique and original content and this content cannot be spun, duplicated, borrowed, stolen, or copied content. This content cannot be published or displayed anywhere else. Anything you post may not infringe on the copyright, trademarks, or intellectual property rights of others.

16. You may not use any of the trademarks belonging to Amazon.com, Inc.

17. Anything you post must be on topic and not be off topic rants or discussion not related to the corresponding article.

18. Do not use all capital letters in anything you post or capitals where not appropriate.

19. Anything posted cannot be very short. Content that is posted to us or our website for publishing must be substantial in length that does not contain fluff content.

20. Anything posted must be in the English language with minimal to no spelling or grammatical errors with proper punctuation, sentence structure and paragraph structure.

21. By posting anything, you agree that you can and will be held liable for anything you post and that you take responsibility for whatever you post and that we will not be held responsible or liable for anything you post.

22. We reserve the right to ban you even by banning by i.p. address if you violate any of the terms of this Content Policy or the Terms and Conditions of this site.

23. You may not solicit money, goods, or services from others from this site or engage in the trade of any such things.

24. You may not solicit personal information or personally identifiable information from other people.

25. You must not use a real name as your username. You may not impersonate anyone, living or deceased. Admins reserve the right to change your username, if the admin feels you are in violation of this rule. You cannot use the name of any brand or business or any trademarks or copyright marks as your username. You cannot use any country, territory, town, or city as your username. You cannot use anything controversial, offensive, demeaning, negative, having negative connotations, or in anyway inappropriate as determined by an admin as your username.

26. We reserve the right to modify, edit, or delete any content that users generate without prior notice. We reserve the right to alter or edit anything on this site at anytime. You may not do anything to undermine or subvert an admin's or an editor's or moderator's duties or actions or intent on this site.

27. You cannot reference or write about the price or relative cost of book or non-book items or products.

28. You cannot encourage others to use Amazon button or Amazon links or to click on affiliate links.

29. You cannot write about an agenda or enforce political, religious, world views, or belief systems.

30. Any stories that you share to the Site must be completely yours, completely true, original, emotional, and compelling and must not be controversial, illegal, negative, or in any way violate any of the terms of this Posting Policy.

Freelance writers may only make Submissions about books or non-book items that caused a genuine, legitimate, and significant improvement to their lives. Any book or non-book item or product that is the topic of an article must not be ordinary or common and of the highest quality. Any book or non-book item must not be a copy, knock-off, homage, replica, off-brand, or inferior version of a higher quality book or non-book item or product. The book or non-book item or product that is written about in the article must not belong to a small niche and must have a substantial, positive impact on the lives of people and have the potential to improve the lives of many people and not only a few people. If the book or non-book item or product is determined by an editor or admin not to be uncommon, unordinary, novel, interesting, or able to positively affect a large group of people, we will not accept the article and the article will not be paid for. This determination will be at the sole discretion of an editor or admin. The admin's decision is final.

Freelance writers may not post anything critical, slanderous, defamatory, or negative about any brand, person, product, or business.

We reserve the right not to accept articles that are about books or non-book items or products that we deem may not be beneficial or improve the lives of people or have the capability of improving the lives of many people. Non-book items and products must be things that are used regularly and can be used regularly by the common person.

Writers cannot write about books or non-book items and products that may cause harm to a person buying the book or item or anyone or has the potential to cause harm to the person buying the book or item or anyone. Writers cannot write about anything that can knowingly or unknowingly cause direct or indirect harm to anyone.

All articles must contain an interesting or compelling and relevant story about the book or non-book item or product in the "My Story" section. All parts of the article must appropriately match the subheading to which they belong in the article submission form and must be consistent with the topic of the article and must match the theme of this site. The theme of this site is "Purchases that improved your life." If the story is not interesting enough or compelling enough or irrelevant as determined by an editor or admin, the article will not be accepted or paid for by us. If the overall quality of the article is low as determined by an editor or admin, the article will not be accepted and paid for by us. All content submitted by the writer must be true and accurate and not contain anything false, false by omission, misleading, deceptive, exaggerated, sensational, or overly promotional.

Writers must include a clear and properly focussed image of the entire book or five or more clear and properly focussed images of the entire non-book item the article is about. Blurry or difficult to see images will result in the article being rejected. All images must include a small white card with the following words in quotations without the quotations "reviewed by: " followed by the writer's username in lowercase neatly and legibly written or clearly printed in a standard, normal font in black ink and the words in quotations without the quotations "found at: " followed by this site's url: www.spiceplum.com neatly and legibly written or printed in black ink in small lowercase font. Nothing else may be included in the image unless directly relevant to the content in the article or an appropriate item to demonstrate the size of the item that the article is about. The relevance of any extra items present in the image and appropriateness will be determined by an editor or admin and may be rejected if the admin or editor determines the extra items are not relevant or are inappropriate. The other items added to the image may not contain trademarks or other copyrighted materials. If any image does not satisfy these requirements, the article will not be accepted. We are not responsible if your article or images are not saved properly on our server. Images must be clearly visible and be properly focussed and high-quality and meet the requirements as stated on our website during image upload at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

All articles submitted to us must be unique and contain only unique content and the writer's original works. Articles cannot contain spun, duplicate, borrowed, stolen, or copied content. They cannot be published elsewhere, except by us. We have the right to refuse articles about books or non-book items or products that have already been posted to our site.

Articles must be written in an objective and informative way and must be honest, truthful, and not be fictitious, false, or overly promotional or sensational.

Articles must have little to no spelling or grammatical errors. Writers must use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and proper paragraphs. All articles must be in the English language and must be coherent and writers must demonstrate English proficiency and a strong command of the English language.

Writers may not write about counterfeit items or illegal items or firearms or adults items or anything that may be distasteful or considered distasteful or harmful to users of this site. Writers may not write about items that belong to multilevel marketing companies or pyramid schemes or network marketing. Books or non-book items and products that are mentioned in articles cannot be controversial or offensive and must be safe for work.

The writer cannot post personally identifiable information in articles or comment posts.

Any article that a freelance writer submits may only contain a reference to one book or one non-book item or product. The book or non-book item or product must be available and in stock at amazon.com

The card with the username must have a reasonable space between username and url and it cannot contain anything else other than "reviewed by: " without the quotes followed by your username and "found at: " without the quotes followed by www.spiceplum.com. The card cannot obstruct the view of the book or non-book item and it must be relatively small, but still clearly legible in all images. The card cannot take up a large portion of the image and the text must be in lowercase.

A book photo must be vertically aligned/upright.

All images must be sharp, properly whitebalanced, be in colour, unfiltered, unedited, and level. All photos must be deemed acceptable by an editor or admin or the article will not be accepted. All photos must show only the book or only the non-book item that is the topic of the article and nothing else except for the card showing the writer's username and this site's URL.

Every article must meet a minimum 500 word count requirement, and each section of the article must be approximately the word count as every other section. Reaching the 500 minimum word count does not guarantee that the article will be accepted. Articles less than 500 words will be rejected.

Minimum 5 images required for items to be published. Uploading the amount of images does not guarantee article will be accepted for payment and published. The images must be each be distinct from one another and show straight and level and useful and distinct angles of view of all sides of the item.

The provided stories must be relevant to the book or non-book item or product that is the topic of the article.

If you are writing about a book, you cannot write anything negative or disparaging about it. You may not duplicate content from the book or violate any copyright or trademark.